Rimpex is a purchase and logistics organization, specialising in delivery of High-Tech goods to the Latin American markets.

Rimpex was founded in 1992, to serve and strengthen relations with the opening of the Brazilian, and other Latin American (Emerging) markets. Its founding members recognising the commercial potential of this area of the world.

Today Latin America, in particular Brazil, has world recognition of this fact, and Rimpex has now some 20 years of experience of dealing with this market.
For Latin American business, Rimpex can be considered your indispensable partner in Europe, for procurement of High-Tech goods and consolidation of cargo, for your business.

Rimpex is located in the southern part of the Netherlands in the World Trade Center in Eindhoven, in a real road/rail hub of EU activity, within a range of 150km of many of the major cities of Europe, having cost efficient Seaport and Airport facilities.
Eindhoven and surroundings, is in itself known for 'an area of innovation', and Rimpex is well placed to act as 'the bridge' of this innovation into Latin America.

Rimpex B.V.
Building Vierlander, 2nd floor
Fellenoord 29
Phone: +31 40 2950295
Fax: +31 40 2441117
e-mail: rimpex@rimpex.nl



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