These days, Time is Money. To look for specific items when you are far away, in a different time-zone, can be expensive, time consuming, and lead to errors due to Cultural and language problems. To import items of low value (under say USD 5000,-) can add considerable costs, and is sometimes more expensive on fixed costs than the value of the goods.

The attractive solution is to buy-in these services using a local buying organisation. Rimpex can not only quote and purchase your goods, but also check the goods you have purchased before you spend money to transport and import them. We can consolidate several purchase orders we buy for you, into a single invoiced consignment thus giving your buying and importation a better economy of scale.

RIMPEX can be your "right arm" for your buying requirements in Europe, and will save you time and money.

RIMPEX, will take care of:

  • Quotation and purchases anywhere in the world.
  • Consolidate your purchases and Invoices in to a single shipment.
  • Use of our Bonded Warehouse in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, for goods arriving from outside the EU.
  • Organise your Air/Sea cargo FOB/FCA.
  • Deliver the purchased goods where and when you need them.
  • Check that the goods you buy are correct before you spend money to import them.
  • Quantity discounts and programmed delivery to your needs.
  • To negotiate the best price for the goods you need.
  • Be your platform for technical visits for purchases in Europe.
  • From the Netherlands: You benefit from the lowest cargo handeling facilities in the world.
  • We guarantee you will benefit from cost savings.



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